How to Fold a Panama Hat

It's quick and easy to fold our Rollable/Foldable Panamas.  These instructions apply only to our styles with the single crease running from front to back, along the top of the crown.

Do not attempt to fold the snap brim, drop brim or regimental panamas.

  • Start with the Panama as normal
  • Fold the brim down all the way round
  • Push in one side of the crown, folding along the front-back crease
  • Push the rest of the side of the hat in so that you end up with one half of the hat inside the other
  • Start to roll the hat from the front edge
  • Ensure the centre of the crown is not rolled too tightly, otherwise you risk breaking the fibres
  • Gently insert the rolled panama into its travel tube
  • To re-instate, merely reverse the above procedure

We recommend that you use the tube for travel, not for storage.  The hat should be stored unfolded, out of direct sunlight.
Once removed from the travel tube, the hat may take a little while to settle into shape, depending on the ambiant temperature and humidity.

Rolling a Panama Pt1  Rolling a Panama Pt2  Rolling a Panama Pt3

Rolling a Panama Pt4  Rolling a Panama Pt5  Rolling a Panama Pt6