Our gloves for women come from two very experienced West Country glovers.  Both have great designs and a wonderful skills base to create gloves of real quality.  Whether you're looking for silk lined ladies gloves, cashmere lined ladies gloves, or ladies driving gloves, you'll find them here.

Design, Tradition and Quality Encapsulated in a Ladies Glove

Gloves have long been the finishing accessory to a ladies wardrobe.  There are ladies gloves for every season and every occasion. 

At Tom Dick and Harry we concentrate on fine leather gloves, table-cut by hand to ensure the best part of the hide is used to ensure a long-lasting fit.  The skill of the cutter is to ensure the hide stretches enough over the knuckle without becoming baggy and stretching in length,  It's a skill that can take an apprentice up to three years to fully acquire.

Carefully sewn with the finest of stitches, these leather gloves for women are refined, elegant, and will long be appreciated for their beauty.