Prostate Cancer UK - New Strategy

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Tom Dick and Harry are proud to support Prostate Cancer UK

Prostate Cancer UK – 10 Year Plan

Tom Dick and Harry were delighted to be invited to City Hall in London for the launch of Prostate Cancer UK’s new strategy:  Ten Years to Tame Prostrate Cancer.

A stellar panel of the leading lights in prostate cancer research, drug development, surgery and specialist nursing was chaired by Professor Robert Winston in a Question Time type format.  It was a fascinating journey into the challenges of the work currently being funded by the charity. 

This cancer is diagnosed in over 40,000 men per year, but men are notorious for ignoring the early symptoms:  We tend to think we’re invincible as it’s always going to happen to the other guy; but for over 10,000 men per year, prostate cancer is fatal, so why not get up to speed now on the symptoms – it won’t only help you, but your family too.

The audience at City Hall was a combination of doctors, surgeons, men with prostate cancer and families who had suffered the loss of a beloved husband, son, father or brother.  The experience of the men living with the disease and the passion of the families supporting this charity was inspirational.

At Tom Dick and Harry we want to help spread the word that this disease must be brought out into the open so it gets the recognition and research it requires:   The Chief Executive of NHS Providers, Chris Hopson, as a member of the panel, was clear in his recommendation:  The work of Prostate Cancer UK is vital not only as a fund-raiser for research but to increase the awareness of the disease to ensure public opinion influences healthcare providers like the NHS to give more priority to men suffering from this cancer:  Better screening, better testing and better treatments are within reach.  Learn more here.

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