Global James Bond Day

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Global James Bond Day


Celebrating James Bond Day!


5th October 2016 marks the 54th year of the Bond franchise.  Global James Bond Day was born in 2012 when Bond films celebrated their golden anniversary.  It has been celebrated on this day ever since!  Why 5th October? Well this date marks the anniversary of the release of Dr.No in 1962.


We thought we would take a walk down memory lane and share some of the classic styles of Mr James Bond.  If you fancy yourself as a bit of a 007 we even have some top tips on how to get that iconic style.


Who is your favourite Bond?


From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig we have seen a fine array of British actors taking the role of Bond.  All of whom have brought their own unique sartorial style to the role.  Of course, the classic and somewhat iconic style pieces such as the black bow-tie have always been included in the films. But what about something a little different, fit for a special agent?  We share some of our favourite Bond looks through the years, and share with you how to get the 007 look.  


Sean Connery


Sean Connery‘s Bond is famous for wearing a Trilby hat, usually with a suit or blazer.  In fact the famous trilby crops up in several Bond films including Dr.No, From Russia with Love, Goldfinger and Thunderball.


Get the look

The Trilby hat is simply a more modern sub-category of the Fedora.  A felt hat with a slightly narrower brim, turned up at the back and down at the front. The Trilby is often worn angled to the rear slightly compared to a Fedora.


If you love Sean Connery’s Bond style you’ll love:




Roger Moore


It seems that Roger Moore’s bond is quite partial to a fine sophisticated dressing gown!  There are plenty of examples of Bond impressing the ladies with his stunning loungewear.  Roger Moore’s Live and Let Die was a big film for dressing gowns, with Bond wearing three in total of different styles!


Get the look


A gentleman needs a dressing gown in the morning and in the cooler evenings. What could suit a dapper gent like Bond more than a 100% silk dressing gown?




Daniel Craig


With fast cars and modern style Daniel Craig sports some fantastic stylish leather driving gloves in both the films Spectre where you can see Bond sporting a pair of black leather gloves behind the wheel of his Aston Martin DB5.  Perfect for getting to grips with the Supercars used by 007!  


It’s not just driving gloves that are favoured by Daniel Craig’s Bond as we see him wearing another pair of black leather gloves in Skyfall.  Look out for them during the scenes at Shanghai airport and London roof-top!


Get the look


Men’s driving gloves are a small but significant luxury, which are becomingly increasingly popular. We are fortunate to stock the exact style of driving glove used in Spectre and worn by Daniel Craig.  They are handmade by Dents in their factory in the UK as part of their Heritage collection. These gloves are butter-soft 100% lamb nappa and are unlined.



For fans of Skyfall we also stock these elegant black leather gloves for men. Again these gloves were created by Dents especially for the film.  100% leather and unlined to obtain the closest fit, perfect for a Double-0!


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