Is it a Trilby or a Fedora?

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Is it a Trilby or a Fedora?


Some items in one’s ideal wardrobe are so ubiquitous that we don't consider their origins. Hats are one of those objects and in particular the Trilby and Fedora.


Generally made of wool felt or fur felt with the crown creased and pinched, with a narrow brim, the Trilby could be termed a subset of the broader brimmed Fedora.


Both were originally styles for women, but which came first…the Trilby or the Fedora?


The Trilby stems from a 1895 stage adaptation of George Du Maurier's novel of the same name.  The eponymous heroine wore wore a newly shaped hat with a narrow brim, promptly named the Trilby.


As men rejected the over-formal attire of the 19th century, and with it, the top hat, fashionable men sought a new type of headwear.  HRH Prince Edward, always a style setter, adopted the Fedora in the mid 1920s.  We like to think it was a political statement too: The Fedora was previously much favoured by women's rights activists.  Could HRH’s approval have been tacit support for the movement?


HRH Edward-1.jpg


The Fedora quickly gained the upper hand when it was subsequently adopted by Hollywood, in a strange twist of fate, as shorthand for virile manliness (think Humphrey Bogart).  The Fedora was worn de rigueur by every tough guy.  Only the feistiest female characters ever wore a Fedora on the silver screen.


As the 20th Century progressed, the Trilby once again surged ahead in the 1960s as fashions changed again (think Frank Sinatra).  The Fedora wasn’t finished and made a comeback in the 1980s with a certain Dr Indiana Jones.


In our opinion the Trilby spawned the Fedora, however, it is the vagaries of fashion that have changed their relative fortunes.  After a century, both are in good health, even though they are no longer mainstream attire.


The sartorial significance of a hat and gloves is sorely underestimated in 2010s.  The old advertising slogan (whose origin is claimed by many) “Get Ahead, Get a Hat” still has merit:  Wearing a hat gives you added confidence, swagger and style.  A good hat marks you out as a man or woman of independence and good taste.  

Fine Fur Felt Fedoras and Trilbys
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Best of Britannia - Review

Friday, 7 October 2016  |  Admin

Best of Britannia - 100% Futureproof


We were delighted to take part in the October 2016 London edition of Best of Britannia - a showcase for up and coming British brands.

Tom Dick and Harry were exhibiting as part of The Grey Fox', curated selection, commissioned by the show's organisers.  The Grey Fox is one of the UK's leading arbiters of men's style, and his blog is followed closely by the trade as well as consumers.  We were favoured with a premier position at the entrance of Victoria House in Holborn, central London, alongside some long established brands such as the cashmere knitters, Johnsons of Elgin, as well as newcomers The Northampton Sneaker Company and British Boxers.


The show demonstrated the amazingly diverse nature of British manufacturing:  Bicycle makers, Shoemakers, Jewellers, Skincare, Artists, Clothing designers and Distillers. to name just a few of the disciplines on view.  The opening day was a chance to meet the press, bloggers, TV crews and trade buyers.  The following two days were open to the public, with a chance to buy the products on display.

We were pleased to meet existing and potential customers at the fair, and for those unable to attend, we are pleased to have found a way of bring you some of the other products on offer through the Tom Dick and Harry website.  During October, November and December Tom Dick and Harry will be showcasing designs from half-a-dozen or so British designers and manufacturers:  Not only men's accessories, but great gifts for ladies too.

Make sure you have signed up to receive our emails (we send no more than one email per week, and often less than that!), so that you can explore these hand-picked products.

We are indebted to our friends at the English Mineral Makeup Company for the following  interview recorded at Best of Britannia.



The lovely Curtis from Tom Dick & Harry. @BestBritannia @BuyBritBrands @puriskin #BOBevent #BuyBritishDay #proud #luxury #mensaccessories #hats #gloves #belts #londonislovingit TomDickandHarry

Posted by The English Mineral Makeup Company on Sunday, 2 October 2016
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Global James Bond Day

Wednesday, 5 October 2016  |  Admin
Global James Bond Day


Celebrating James Bond Day!


5th October 2016 marks the 54th year of the Bond franchise.  Global James Bond Day was born in 2012 when Bond films celebrated their golden anniversary.  It has been celebrated on this day ever since!  Why 5th October? Well this date marks the anniversary of the release of Dr.No in 1962.


We thought we would take a walk down memory lane and share some of the classic styles of Mr James Bond.  If you fancy yourself as a bit of a 007 we even have some top tips on how to get that iconic style.


Who is your favourite Bond?


From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig we have seen a fine array of British actors taking the role of Bond.  All of whom have brought their own unique sartorial style to the role.  Of course, the classic and somewhat iconic style pieces such as the black bow-tie have always been included in the films. But what about something a little different, fit for a special agent?  We share some of our favourite Bond looks through the years, and share with you how to get the 007 look.  


Sean Connery


Sean Connery‘s Bond is famous for wearing a Trilby hat, usually with a suit or blazer.  In fact the famous trilby crops up in several Bond films including Dr.No, From Russia with Love, Goldfinger and Thunderball.


Get the look

The Trilby hat is simply a more modern sub-category of the Fedora.  A felt hat with a slightly narrower brim, turned up at the back and down at the front. The Trilby is often worn angled to the rear slightly compared to a Fedora.


If you love Sean Connery’s Bond style you’ll love:




Roger Moore


It seems that Roger Moore’s bond is quite partial to a fine sophisticated dressing gown!  There are plenty of examples of Bond impressing the ladies with his stunning loungewear.  Roger Moore’s Live and Let Die was a big film for dressing gowns, with Bond wearing three in total of different styles!


Get the look


A gentleman needs a dressing gown in the morning and in the cooler evenings. What could suit a dapper gent like Bond more than a 100% silk dressing gown?




Daniel Craig


With fast cars and modern style Daniel Craig sports some fantastic stylish leather driving gloves in both the films Spectre where you can see Bond sporting a pair of black leather gloves behind the wheel of his Aston Martin DB5.  Perfect for getting to grips with the Supercars used by 007!  


It’s not just driving gloves that are favoured by Daniel Craig’s Bond as we see him wearing another pair of black leather gloves in Skyfall.  Look out for them during the scenes at Shanghai airport and London roof-top!


Get the look


Men’s driving gloves are a small but significant luxury, which are becomingly increasingly popular. We are fortunate to stock the exact style of driving glove used in Spectre and worn by Daniel Craig.  They are handmade by Dents in their factory in the UK as part of their Heritage collection. These gloves are butter-soft 100% lamb nappa and are unlined.



For fans of Skyfall we also stock these elegant black leather gloves for men. Again these gloves were created by Dents especially for the film.  100% leather and unlined to obtain the closest fit, perfect for a Double-0!


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Prostate Cancer UK - New Strategy

Monday, 29 February 2016  |  Admin

Tom Dick and Harry are proud to support Prostate Cancer UK

Prostate Cancer UK – 10 Year Plan

Tom Dick and Harry were delighted to be invited to City Hall in London for the launch of Prostate Cancer UK’s new strategy:  Ten Years to Tame Prostrate Cancer.

A stellar panel of the leading lights in prostate cancer research, drug development, surgery and specialist nursing was chaired by Professor Robert Winston in a Question Time type format.  It was a fascinating journey into the challenges of the work currently being funded by the charity. 

This cancer is diagnosed in over 40,000 men per year, but men are notorious for ignoring the early symptoms:  We tend to think we’re invincible as it’s always going to happen to the other guy; but for over 10,000 men per year, prostate cancer is fatal, so why not get up to speed now on the symptoms – it won’t only help you, but your family too.

The audience at City Hall was a combination of doctors, surgeons, men with prostate cancer and families who had suffered the loss of a beloved husband, son, father or brother.  The experience of the men living with the disease and the passion of the families supporting this charity was inspirational.

At Tom Dick and Harry we want to help spread the word that this disease must be brought out into the open so it gets the recognition and research it requires:   The Chief Executive of NHS Providers, Chris Hopson, as a member of the panel, was clear in his recommendation:  The work of Prostate Cancer UK is vital not only as a fund-raiser for research but to increase the awareness of the disease to ensure public opinion influences healthcare providers like the NHS to give more priority to men suffering from this cancer:  Better screening, better testing and better treatments are within reach.  Learn more here.

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Why Do We Love Cashmere?

Thursday, 4 July 2013  |  Admin

Why Do We Love Cashmere?

The word cashmere is often taken as shorthand for a soft and silky wool, but the truth is that it is so much more than that.

The cashmere fibre comes from the coat of the cashmere goat.  These hardy animals live in only one area of the world, the steppes of Mongolia.  It is due to the harsh winters that the animals have evolved with a remarkable insulating coat.  The coat is sheared and collected after natural moulting.

The key property of the cashmere fibre is that it has a hollow shaft, making every fibre function like a miniaturised duvet.  In addition the fibres are only about  14 to18 micron wide, compared with a standard wool which can be up to double the thickness.  Finer fibres produce a lighter, finer and softer yarn when spun.  Combined with the unique insulating properties of the cashmere fibre, fabrics woven from cashmere yarn are therefore lighter, softer and warmer than the equivalent in sheep's wool.

The arid steppes of Mongolia can only support a finite number of cashmere goats, so there is a limited global supply of the fibre....hence it is not only a scarce resource, but one that is subject to volatile movements in price as demand for this exquisite fibre increases.

You'll find cashmere at all sorts of prices in the shops.  Why is this?  Cashmere fibres are graded by quality.  For example,  the fine white fibres from the belly of the goat are a higher grade than the more scratchy black fibres on the back of the neck!  Not all cashmere is equal, and naturally, the finer qualities command a higher price.

The fibre and the yarns produced are sold by weight, so fine gauge lightweight v-neck sweater should be cheaper than a heavy gauge roll neck sweater in the same grade yarn.  There are exceptions to this rule:  Super-fine gauge knitwear is difficult and slow to produce, and hence commands a premium price.

In order to make the cashmere yarn go further and produce a less expensive garment, it is often blended with other cheaper wools or synthetic fibres.  Retailers have long used the word Cashmere to convey luxury and exclusivity, but be sure to check the actual cashmere content on the sewn in composition label - it might be as low as 5%!

Of course there are valid reasons to blend cashmere with other fibres:  Price is a major factor, and this versatile fibre can be mixed with many other yarns to enhance more mundane fabrics and garments.

Cashmere is a soft and precious fibre and should be treated with respect, but it is remarkably strong and durable. 



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Father's Day Approaching

Saturday, 1 June 2013  |  Admin

Father's Day is fast approaching, and some very appropriate gifts have just arrived...

For the new Dad, a beautiful silk tie from Italy with a very discreet rocking horse print.  A very subtle design, that will mean the world to him, and can still be worn in even the most conservative work place.


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