Traditional Silk Cravats For Men


At TomDickandHarry we're rather partial to a fine silk cravat.   Our men's cravats are made by hand in small quantities using the finest silks from the UK and Italy.  The majority of designs are unique to Tom Dick and Harry, and in addition to the dozens of prints and colours, you can select from various styles:  Traditional double-sided cravats, double blade cravats, single blade ascots, cotton-backed silk cravats and subject to availability, some vintage cravat styles from the '30s and '50s.


If you've worn a cravat you'll know what a great addition to your wardrobe this simple piece of silk can be.  If not, you're in for a treat - so different in style and comfort from a tie - just as smart but oh-so-comfortable.

For our traditional double-ended cravats, we work with three neckwear factories:  All the silk cravats are made to our specification in English or Italian silks, either in Suffolk, Hampshire or in the traditional silk weaving town of Krefeld in Germany.

Our own brand, TomDickandHarry, is reserved for the very best hand-printed silks from the Macclesfield area.  Working in small runs, each silk print yields a limited number cravats, made up into beautiful silk lined neckwear by English crafts- men & women. This quintessentially English style is never out of fashion.

Our silk cravats are the finishing touch to your sartorial style.  


Cravats became fashionable right across Europe from 1650. Originally worn by Croatian soldiers during the 30-Years War in France, the fashion was quickly adopted by the French officer class, and thence to the French Court. Charles II introduced the cravat to the English on his return from exile in France, and within a decade, the fashion had crossed the Atlantic to the New World.

The cravat underwent many changes, but a century later, in 1771, the cravat found stability in the dress code of Ascot races, which lent it's name to this essential accessory in a Gentleman's wardrobe.  Still known as an  "ascot cravat" or "ascot" across Europe and the USA, the cravat is a must have accessory for a gentleman.