Men's Cuff Links at TomDickandHarry: 

Jewellery quality men's cufflinks from renowned UK designers such as Babette Wasserman, Elizabeth Parker, Duncan Walton and more. 

Our cuff link selection includes dual aspect cufflinks as well as Babette Wasserman's famous London Rhyming Slang series - a range of cufflinks for any man with a sense of humour.  Regularly seen on the cuffs of Antonia Banderas, Stephen Fry, David Beckham and many more, Babette Wasserman Cufflinks make a wonderful gift for any man.

From Elizabeth Parker, choose from base metal or hallmarked solid silver; all made with the same attention to detail.  Duncan Walton's designs are colourful and cheerful, perfect for both day and evening.

In a different vein, we have Florentine cufflinks from designer Mauro Tozzi.  Working in glass and metal, these cuff links are reminiscent of the renowned glassworkers of Murano, and are unique to TomDickandHarry in the UK.