Our men's hats cover the entire gamut of headwear from tweed flat caps, fur felt hats and furry trapper hats in the Winter to the lightest linen caps, straw hats for men and genuine panama hats for warmer weather.  Many of our customers travel widely, so we aim to keep both winter hats and summer hats in stock throughout the year. 

Our best selling rollable panama comes with its own free travel tube, and for the winter we have a crushable fur felt fedora, perfect for racing or a country walk.  Keep one in a coat pocket or the back of car,  and they always snap back into shape to complete your look.


Wool Felt & Fur Felt Hats

Trilby and Fedora Hats
Wool Felts and Fine Fur Felts


Flat Caps

Flat caps, 8-piece caps
& barge caps.  Choose one now


Panama & Summer Hats

Genuine Panama hats
In stock all year round