Don't confuse our men's knitwear with run-of-the-mill sweaters found on the High Street.  We work with just a handful of knitting companies that between them have over 600 years experience making sweaters for men!  Many of our sweaters are knitted in superfine Australasian Merino wool.  Not only does this mean a very soft touch, but also no pilling, no shrinking and no fading.  All machine washable, these merino wool sweaters for men are as practical as they are stylish.



We consider our men's merino wool knitwear to be the best quality available in the market.  We concentrate on men's classic sweater styles from just two European knitwear manufacturers, John Smedley and Pelo, both of whom know the provenance of the Australian and New Zealand merino wool they use, and collectively have many hundreds of years experience working with this wonderful natural fibre.

John Smedley has been producing knitwear in the UK for over 225 years.  A typical John Smedley jumper takes 7 weeks to make, consuming 3 miles of yarn in 1.2 million stitches.  The soft Derbyshire water piped to their mill to wash the yarn results in a garment that is soft to the touch.  This is one example of many, that by having complete control of the production process, John Smedley is able to manufacture a consistently superior merino wool garment.

By comparison, Glenbrae is a youngster; but they make up for it by using the very latest yarn spinning and 3D seamless knitting technology in lambwool sweater manufacturer.  As they own their own spinning and dying plants too, there is also a wonderful colour pallet to choose from.  100% made in the UK in their own factories in Derbyshire and Yorkshire.

The men's knitwear specialist, Pelo, has only been around for just over 140 years - a youngster by comparison to Smedley.  Nevertheless, their merino sweaters for men are superb:  Fully fashioned construction, where the sleeves, cuffs and hems are linked to the body, stitch by stitch, to avoid unsightly and clumsy seams, is a given.  Made primarily for the quality-driven German market, Pelo have absolutely top notch quality control.  It's one of our best finds for those of you who appreciate luxury knitwear for men!


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