Packaging Information

Our View on Packaging (and how we can be less wasteful)

Expectations of packaging can vary from client to client, so we would like to set out our view:  

Outer packaging is for the protection of the product, not a marketing tool.  Instead of being tied to a given set of box sizes, we'll use whatever is most appropriate to the product being shipped, in order to maximise protection and minimize waste and weight.

Deliveries coming into our warehouse all have some type of packaging.  If it is in good condition and strong enough to protect customer orders, it will be re-used for the outer packaging of our deliveries.  You may receive boxes with signs that labels have been removed or covered - this is entirely normal.

Items currently being re-used and re-purposed are corrugated cardboard boxes, single layer inner boxes and especially "air cushions" - those infuriating plastic sacks of air that seem to be the favourite of shipping managers everywhere.  We do not and will not generate our own air cushons, but we will re-use those that we receive.

Where possible we reduce the amount of packaging to that necessary for the product in question:  Rather than send a large impressive looking box covered with our branding, we will use a modest padded envelope if it offers the same level of protection.

We do not have enough incoming packaging to re-use for every delivery, therefore most parcels are packed in new packaging.  If you prefer to have old or new packaging, we'll do our best to meet your requirements.  Nearly all products are carefully wrapped in new acid-free tissue paper before being placed in the outer packaging.

New Initiatives

We have now introduced plastic-free sealing tape:  Good old brown paper tape which is used on the majority of cartons leaving our premises.  It looks better, is easier to open and easier to re-cycle.

Next in line for replacement by a better and older technology:  Padded envelopes - rather than use plastic bubble wrap lined envelopes, we're testing paper based alternatives and hope to make the switch permanent during 2018.

Any remaining packaging waste is sent for recyling where appropriate.

If you have any comments or suggestions concerning packaging, we would welcome your feedback.