Panama & Summer Hats

Men's Genuine Panama Hats & Summer Hats

We keep a large selection of Genuine Panama Hats for Men in stock throughout the year.  These are a hand-woven product, very labour intensive and slow to make; so demand can sometimes outstrip supply when the sun shines.  All our own label Genuine Panama Hats are woven in Ecuador, then shaped, blocked and trimmed in the UK to our specifications.  We have both traditional and more modern versions available in a range of different grades.

Our entry level panamas offer great value for money for a genuinely hand made product.  With a starting price of £49, they are affordable and stylish sun protection.  Our finest grades are the same as those used at the hatters in London's Jermyn Street, and deliver the aficionado sumptuous quality together with the savings we can achieve by operating outside the capital.

Our canvas hats in summer colours, are another alternative offering protection from the sun whilst looking very distinctive.  For a more casual summer hat, take a look at the men's caps too.  For a featherweight summer hat, consider men's hats in woven paper (not as fragile as you would expect).  The cellulose in the wood fibre used for the paper makes an excellent alternative to straw, and is more adaptable in colour and style.