How to Choose the Correct Size

The sizing of clothing and accessories is not an exact science, so we are happy to provide as much information as possible to make it easy to choose the correct size.  If you are unsure in any way, please use the chat/help button at the bottom right of the screen or telephone us for advice in working hours or leave your details and we'll get back to you.  We can help you get the right size first time!



Our dressing gowns have sizing information on the product page.  Our gowns are true to size, so there is no need to "size up" just in case!  Dressing gowns, by their nature, are loose fitting.  Generally the neck to hem length of gowns does NOT increase as they get larger, so if you are buying for a very tall, slim man, don't simply buy larger - please call us for advice.



Our kimonos, yukatas and happi coats mostly come in one size that fits Small to XL.  A limited number of styles come in a second size that is suitable for XXL to 4XL.  The belts are generally sufficiently long for all sizes, but on rare occasions, a longer belt may be preferable.  We have stock of toning and contrasting belts - please ask us for details.



Our hats are normally shown with both UK hat sizes and centimetre measurements, however, where sizing is not so critical, we also use S, M, L & XL.  Please don't guess your hat size.  Use the following instructions to get it right first time.

If you don't know your hat size, place a tape measure around the back of your head and across the forehead.  Make sure the tape is slightly above the most prominent part of the back of the skull.  The tape should sit about 1.5cm above your ears.  Pull it as snugly as you would like the hat to fit, ensuring the position the tape is where you would like the hat to sit on your head.  Make a note of the measurement and round to the nearest whole centimetre on the chart below.  This is your hat size.   

Matching the size of your head, how you like the hat to feel and the dimensions of the hat can be somewhat subjective, and varies from person to person and hat maker to hat maker.  We will gladly exchange hats for an alternative size.


 S    M    L    XL
 55cm 56cm  57cm 58cm  59cm 60cm  61cm
 GB 6 3/4 GB 6 7/8  GB 7 GB 7 1/8  GB 7 1/4 GB 7 3/8  GB 7 1/2
US 6 7/8 US 7 US 7 1/8 US 7 1/4 US 7 3/8 US 7 1/2 US 7 5/8




How to determine your Glove Size

Using a tape measure, wrap the tape around the dominant hand (i.e. right hand if right handed) at the widest part (across the top of the hand and around between the thumb and index finger) and make a loose fist. Make a note of this measurement and compare with our sizing chart.

There are seven standard glove sizes for men, but to make life easier, the five sizes S, M, L, XL & XXL are often used.   If you require any help with sizing, please don't hesitate to call us on 020 3371 7716.



 Men's Glove Size Men's Hand Measurement inches Men's Hand Measurement in cm
S 7.5" 19cm
   8"  20.5cm
 M  8.5"  21.5cm
   9"  23cm
 9.5"  24cm
  10" 24cm
XL 10.5" 26.5cm


Ladies Glove Size Ladies Hand Measurement in inches Ladies Hand Measurement in cm
XS 6" 15.25cm
 S 6.5" 16.5cm
 M  7" 17.75cm
 L  7.5" 19.00cm
 XL  8"



There is often a correlation between a woman's shoe size and her glove size.
If you don't know the hand size, the easy fix is to find out the shoe size and use the following guide.
It's not a guarantee of the right size, but it works more often than not.

Women's shoe size 4 - Try glove size S.

Women's shoe size 5-6 - Try glove size M.

Women's shoe size 6-7 - Try glove size L.

Women's shoe size 7 and above - Try glove size XL.