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Denton Wool Felt Bowler Hat - Black

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Last One Size 55cm

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Men's Felt Hats

Trilby Hats, Fedora Hats, Bowler Hats and even Indiana Jones Hats

Our selection of men's classic hats cover's all needs - whether you need a hat for the races or a hat for shooting or a hat for the city, find it here.

Is it a Fedora Hat or a Trilby Hat? 

Many of us are now unfamiliar with the various distinctions of hat shapes, but thankfully, it's not complicated, especially for men's felt hats.   The term Fedora can be used as a catch-all for nearly any type of men's felt hat, although it is commonly used for the hat style worn by Humphrey Bogart and many other detectives with their trench coats.  Generally Fedoras have a flat brim all the way round,  with the crown creased front to back with two pinches at the front.

The more modern Trilby hat is simply a sub-category of the Fedora:  A men's felt hat with a slightly narrower brim, turned up at the back and down at the front.  As with the Fedora, men usually wear the felt Trilby with a front to back crease in the crown and two pinches at the front.  The Trilby hat is worn angled to the rear slightly compared with the Fedora.  Imagine Frank Sinatra in his Trilby standing next to Humphrey Bogart in his Fedora and you'll get the idea!


A Note About "Open Crowns"

The TomDickandHarry crushable fedora hat and the Susquehana Mason trilby hat have open crowns.  This means, the crown has not been set into shape  (contrast with the classic Marlowe where the hat is set by steam and pressure into shape).  With the soft open crown, the wearer can choose how deep the front to back crease should be and how to define the front pinches.  Equally, this means this trilby hat can be worn without any creases in the crown which is a style often adopted by female wearers.